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Significant dates


«ОО СПИН Плюс».

Significant dates.

The organization was created in 2007.

In 2009, the NGO “SPIN Plus” was elected a member of the National Coordination Committee to Combat the HIV/AIDS Epidemic under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, that is, the voice of “equals” was heard.

In 2010, SPIN Plus was awarded the UNAIDS Red Ribbon Award and the Harm Reduction Award.

2008. For the first time, a community center for the rehabilitation of addicts was created, for the first time, a rapid assessment of needs was carried out for PNs and PN(PLHIV), self-help and mutual assistance groups for PNs and PN(PLHIV) were organized for the first time, work with initiative groups from remote regions of the Republic of Tajikistan was carried out for the first time.

2009 - 2010. With the Partnership and financial support of the CARHAP program, qualitative research was carried out among IDUs and IDUs/PLHIV, with addicts and DAPs, the object of the study was the needs and requirements of representatives of the communities of IDUs and IDUs/PLHIV in Dushanbe.

2010, the organization was awarded the UNAIDS Red Ribbon Award in the harm reduction category.

2015 and 2020, conducting a large-scale study with partners of the organization “Stigma Index of People Living with HIV.”

2018, developed under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population “Specifications and standards for people living with HIV and their environment.”

2021 is the first year the organization participates in a state social order project, the “Patient School” project for people living with HIV.